Mobile Platform

  • Platform support for mobile collaboration
  • Platform support for mobile cloud computing
  • Multimedia contents sharing among mobile devices
  • Distributed computing across mobile devices

Cloud Computing Systems

  • Openstack: Cloud computing software
  • Scalable storage systems for cloud computing: Swift, Ceph, Cinder
  • Data reliability in cloud storage systems

Software Technologies for Storage Systems

  • Hard Disk
  • Flash Memory
  • Next-Generation Non-Volatile Memories
  • Hybrid Storage Devices and Systems


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  • Performance Test of RTOS's for IMT-2000 BSC, ETRI(98)
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  • Implementing Firewall system equipped with VPN facilities, SIGn Co. (99-2001)
  • Implementing Security Enhaced Linux Distribution Package, SIGn Co. (2000)
  • Analyzing the Safety of the Symmetric/Public Key Encryption Algorithms with Different Key Lengths, KISA(2001)
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  • Managing Multimedia Data for Contents Servers with Hybrid Storage, KOSEF(2007-2010)
  • Collective Intelligence-based User-Aware Web Search System, SDI(2008-2010)
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  • Development of Core Technologies for Next Generation Hyper MLC NAND based SSD, MoKE(2010-2015)
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