<2010 spring 발표> 논문 리스트

  • 박성민
  • <SSD Internal>
    Block Management in Solid-State Devices
    FASTer FTL for Enterprise-Class Flash Memory SSDs
    FRP: A Nonvolatile Memory Research Platform Targeting NAND Flash
    The Performance of PC Solid-State Disks (SSDs) as a Function of Bandwidth, Concurrency, Device Architecture, and System Organization
    Understanding Intrinsic Characteristics and System Implications of Flash Memory based Solid State Drives
    FlashPower: A Detailed Power Model for NAND Flash Memory
    Power Modeling of Solid State Disk for Dynamic Power Management Policy Design in Embedded Systems
    FTL Design Exploration in Reconfigurable High-Performance SSD for Server Applications
    Buffer Replacement Algorithm Exploiting Multi-Chip Parallelism in Solid State Disks
    Design and Implementation of an Efficient Wear-Leveling Algorithm for Solid-State-Disk Microcontrollers
    FRA: A Flash-aware Redundancy Array of Flash Storage Devices
    <SSD DB>
    Tree Indexing on Solid State Drives
    Efficient Flash Memory Read Request Handling Based on Split Transactions
    Disk Schedulers for Solid State Drives
    Optimize write performance for DBMS on Solid State Drive
    Improving Read Performance of Phase Change Memories via Write Cancellation and Write Pausing
    A Performance Evaluation of Scientific I/O Workloads on Flash-Based SSDs
    Data center evolution A tutorial on state of the art, issues, and challenges
    Differential RAID: Rethinking RAID for SSD Reliability
    Extending SSD Lifetimes with Disk-Based Write Caches
    Architecting Storage for the Cloud Computing Era
    Solid state disks for enterprise storage

  • 기안호
  • LiFS: An Attribute-Rich File System for Storage Class Memories
    Design and Implementation of a Metadata-Rich File System
    MetaView: Dynamic metadata based views of user files
    Semantic File Systems
    Representing Linked Data as Virtual File Systems
    The Sile Model - A Semantic File System Infrastructure for the Desktop
    Enabling Cross-Layer Optimizations in Storage Systems with Custom Metadata
    Reliability Mechanisms for File Systems Using Non-Volatile Memory as a Metadata Store
    Magellan: A Searchable Metadata Architecture for Large-Scale File Systems
    Organizing, Indexing, and Searching Large-Scale File Systems
    An Infrastructure for the Development of Semantic Desktop Applications
    Searching and Navigating Petabyte-Scale File Systems Based on Facets
    Quasar: A Scalable Naming Language for Very Large File Collections
    QUASAR: Interaction with File Systems Using a Query and Naming Language
    Graffiti: A Framework for Testing Collaborative Distributed File System Metadata
    MRAM and Red-Black Trees: Exploring Alternative Data Structures for Low-level File System Management

  • 김도형
  • Algorithms and data structures for flash memories, ACM Computing Surveys
    A space-efficient flash translation layer for CompactFlash Systems
    A Log Buffer based Flash Translation Layer using Fully Associative Sector Translation
    FAB: Flash-Aware Buffer Management Policy for Portable Media Players
    BPLRU: A Buffer Management Scheme for Improving Random Writes in Flash Storage